17.5cm hand forged 1075 santoku

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a heavier grind, but thin behind the edge, This knife is best suited to medium duty tasks, root vege, poultry and chopping. It offers a heavier and more durable edge than a typical gyuto or santoku bit will still perform most light duty tasks too.

This blades balance point is right in front of where the logo is, perfectly where your pinch grip falls

This knife has been hand forged from 1075 carbon steel, the blade has been stone polished to a near mirror finish, albeit not perfect and the price does reflect that. the edge is convexed towards the edge.

Deeply figured stabilised curly Tasmanian blackwood Wa handle featuring a polished brass liner, the curls in this range from subtle to intense all along the handle

Overall length: 321mm

Blade length: 175mm tip to heel

Blade height at heel: 55mm

Spine thickness: 2.8mm

Grind thickness behind edge: N/A convex

Handle length: 129mm

handle height: 24mm

Weight: 205 grams