Mahoghany Food Serving Board

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Mahoghany Food Serving Board.

This beautiful serving board is perfect for displaying as a charcuterie board, the colours of the meats/cheeses looks amazing as does a fresh cut loaf of bread or even a fancy cake. It even looks great as a table centre piece with decorative candles or flowers on it.

This piece is made with a small batch of recycled mahogany wood from a factory in Melbourne and I was lucky enough to purchase a few boards. It comes complete with original nail holes on the side edge and that beautiful grain structure that mahogany oozes. This board is long and thin and beautifully shaped with alternating diamond cut ends, which perfectly show off the hand-forged and designed mild steel handles.

Only two boards were made with this style handle. It was created in plasticine first, till the design complemented the board and then hammered into shape on my anvil using a forge to heat the steel till it glows a bright yellow heat. Each handle, when cold is then cleaned with a wire brush before spraying the handle three times to stop it from rusting and thereby stopping any fear of rust/scale from entering your food. The mahogany board has been sanded to show off the grain structure and given several coatings of orange oil to give the board a beautiful finish.

This board is easily looked after by wiping after use or even washing in soapy water, or scrubbed with lemon juice, but NEVER left to soak and drying with a cloth. A once a year application of orange oil to preserve its finish is all that is needed. It can even be used for cutting and slicing on as it is a hard wood and will develop fine score marks which just enhances its unique character.

Board length : 460mm
Width : 140mm
Depth : 30mm
Weighs just over 2 kilos

Cost is $145. The price includes postage inside Australia but for overseas there is additional costs.