12cm Forged 1075 Petty with ringed Gidgee handle

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with virtually a zero grind, high hardness and low weight this blade is the perfect utility slicer. Balanced right on the red g10 liner.

The rounded and polished choil and tip stand out against the satin blade.

This knife has been hand forged from a bar of 1075 carbon steel, a simple carbon steel offering high hardness and ease of sharpening.

The ringed Gidgee handle displays some nice sharp curls all the way along the handle whilst the York gum ferrule displays some awesome fine birdseyes transitioning to rays on the back of the ferrule.

Be aware that extra care will have to be taken with this knife due to how thin the edge is.

Overall length: 265mm

Blade length: 120mm tip to heel

Blade height at heel: 34mm

Spine thickness at heel: 2mm with a fair distal taper.

Grind thickness behind edge: mostly 0 ground

Handle length: 119mm

handle height: 20mm at ferule tapering to 21.5mm at the butt

Weight: 76 grams