18cm forged w2 gyuto with stabilised huon pine burl handle

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First of all please view this video of the hamon as the pics don't do the subtleties justice! https://www.facebook.com/FlynnSharpknives/videos/1293594510805661/

Very thin, ultra light, and with its balance point in line with the heel, this Gyuto is a serious slicer and will perform all slicing and dicing tasks perfectly.

This knife has been hand forged from W2 carbon-tool steel

Featuring a sleek stabilised hHon pine burl Wa handle topped by a buffalo horn ferrule and butt with a stainless steel spacer.

Be aware that extra care will have to be taken with this knife due to how thin the edge is.

Overall length: 321mm

Blade length: 180mm tip to heel

Blade height at heel: 45mm

Spine thickness at heel: 1.8mm

Grind thickness behind edge:virtually zero/ cant measure

Handle length: 128mm

handle height: 22mm at ferule tapering to 26mm at the butt

Weight: 105 grams